How we can help


How we can help

From the initial phone call we listen to your concerns and needs. We take time to answer any questions you may have. We can then make a decision about how we can best help your child:


Step 1: Your child’s Speech Pathology journey begins with an assessment.

This will involve getting to know you and your child; finding some things they are good at and what areas they might need some help with. We will do this by spending time talking and playing with your child, as well as completing standardised assessments. After the assessment you will be given feedback on your child’s strengths and difficulties, and a plan for the best way to help your child.

Step 2: We design therapy for your child

We tailor therapy to suit the unique needs of your child. We use their interests, and learning styles to design a program just for them. Most of all we believe learning should be fun! Children learn best when they are engaged and motivated. We create therapy goals in conjunction with you. This helps us work together to help your child reach their communication potential.

Step 3: We support home practice

Home practice activities are designed to target your child’s communication goals and fit in with family life. We always stay in touch with your child’s team to ensure we’re all working together on the same page.