Does my child need Speech Pathology?

As a parent it is often hard to know when to seek help. If in doubt it’s always best to seek the advice of a Speech Pathologist. Here are some helpful guidelines to help you determine if your child may need Speech Therapy:

When to seek help

· Your 1 year old isn’t making a range of sounds

· Your 18 month old isn’t saying any words

· Your 2 year old isn’t putting two words together

· Your 3 year old’s speech is difficult to understand ( 3 year old children should be understood 75% of the time by an unfamiliar listener)

· You child has difficulty expressing their needs and wants

· Your child is frustrated when they are not understood

· You child has difficulty understanding questions and instructions

· Your child stutters: gets stuck or repeats sounds or words

· You child struggles with literacy: reading, writing, spelling

· You child has difficulty making friends and having conversations

· Your child is having feeding or eating difficulties